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Working for artists - Creating opportunities

Millions of artists all over the world are creating new works every day and almost all of them are looking for the same things, recognition, approval and sales. It doesn't matter whether you’re a hobbyist, professional, image maker or a die-hard artist. Here to help; our mantra is to firstly believe in all artists and give them the confidence to emerge and embrace their work. In doing so we have become a very disruptive influence in the art world, upsetting the perceived status quo by putting the artist first, charging low prices and little or zero commissions.

We offer platforms that all artists can participate in and supply the tools so that all artists can promote themselves and their work, professionally to the world both online and direct via exhibitions and fairs.

Our exhibitions offer the lowest costs for artists so they can afford to participate. Our ‘Pop-Up's’ offer amazing opportunities to sell work in some of the worlds busiest shopping malls, with millions of footfall each week.

Our 'ArtistsWebuilder' offers all artists an amazing tailored ecommerce website at just a few $ per month. These sites will eventually be fully integrated with framing, print production and delivery all the sales revenues go directly to the artist. The sites are fully optimised for SEO and are cros- linked for maximum visibility benefits.

The MANCHESTER 2020 VR Exhibition a fantastic virtual exhibition showing over 4 weeks June 20 to July 20.
Many thanks to all artists for their fantastic response, we have had artists from all over the world enter their art.

Artists will be contacted via email, with their submission news. Please check your spam folder, just in case ;)

The Virtual Exhibition will run for one month from June 20 to July 20 we have a diverse collection of talented artists from around the world. The remarkable art pieces are spread across three galleries. We have specially curated the galleries with the help of PaintersTUBES, the galleries cater from popular emerging artists to renowned international artists.

This event is a must see for art lovers everywhere. All works are available for sale, and we have some unique opportunities to buy from otherwise unavailable artists.

From the exhibition you can view other works from the artists and purchase direct, including delivery, insurance, interest-free credit is available on most pieces (subject to status). Each Gallery will have its own catalogue available for download online and in print form.

The pandemic delayed ‘High Street’ Manchester 2020 exhibition, is now being prepared for 2022. The new vision, the Manchester VR exhibition is an advanced preview that will influence the inclusion of artist in the 4-day Central Manchester physical show.

Visit the website.


Artists, re-start your sales at one of our free to exhibit art pop-ups.
Re-start - Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021.
Submissions Now Closed - new dates available later this year.

As part of a re-start initiative, World Art Finance along with painterTUBES will be sponsoring art pop-ups from summer 2021. Submissions for all WAF members are free. Join now and take advantage of this offer.

A rolling set of free to exhibit* art pop-ups will launch in late summer 2021.
The pop-ups will be in town centres around the UK. Following a call for artists, art submitted will be reviewed and chosen for exhibiting by our team of experts. All WAF members enjoy free submissions. Non-WAF members pay £10 per artwork for each submission.

The selected artist's work will be exhibited in the pop-ups for up to 14 days. There is no charge for exhibiting, but a 30% commission on sales will be deducted on all sales. Submissions will be a minimum of 3 pieces and a maximum of 5. We only accept original artworks, photography will only be accepted for unique prints.

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Sell More Art - World Art Exhibition's products and services for 2021

British Art

Offering a series of venues for open Art exhibitions around the UK.

World Art

Sell more art, offer interest free credit to buyers of your work.


A full ecommerce website especially designed for artists.

Art Directory

Printed anaully for each UK county, a great way to promote your Art.


World Art Online - Launching in May 2021
Happy Artists - Happy Buyers

We all know the traditional ways to sell our art. Galleries, exhibitions, shop fronts and even cafes. Many of these methods will continue although the amount of art sold will vary. The one lesson the Covid-19 outbreak has taught us all is that we need to consider our online presence. There are certainly no shortages of online art directories. Each offering to sell your work at various and often expensive commission rates. They often limit the amount of art you can display unless you take up a premium subscription. Even the best of these will look at taking excessive commissions. 

World Art Online is completely free to place your art on our directory, as many pieces as you want. Setting up an account with world art online has never been easier. Just enter a few details about yourself. Add your work and some details such as title, price etc and you're ready to go. The site's completey free to join and we only charge a minimal commission on sales. We have a flat charge of just 10% for each sale. We transfer your full payment direct to your account once the buyer has paid and the art has been deleivered.

We charge a flat fee admin of 10% per sale | Through our sister company WorldArtFinance we offer Interest free credit to UK buyers. | We promote all our artists through social media to buyers worldwide. | We offer our artist's pieces to businesses, architects, and interior designers. | We take away the pain of selling and delivering work by:  Offering collection and delivery from and too anywhere worldwide. | Insurance whilst the art is in transit. | We will even pack the art in secure packaging.
Visit the website.

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