We create awesome websites, designed just for artists. Simple to use and form based.
The website is created for you automatically.
Start selling your art online, through your own ecommerce site.
As many artists know creating great work is one thing, where to sell it and how to promote it is another! Designed by artists built for artists and owned by you. Sell your work using our Artist’s Webuilder, customisable and SEO ready specifically for you and your work. Not just a listing or directory with thousands of other competing artists. Get found on google and other search engines by buyers. Artist’s Webuilder sites are prepared individually for each artist to have a real website. We tailor each website with its own unique SEO specifically for the artist and their art.
The world of art is changing and everyday more art purchases are made online. Our artist’s webuilder specifically built for artists. Both World Art Exhibitions and British Art Exhibitions, have a common cause and that is to benefit artists whether through our exhibitions or other services. Our 'Artist's Web Builder' is just one of these benefits, which we will continue to develop for the benefit of artists. Our 'Artist's Web Builder' requires a minimum of effort from the artist, making the building of the website easier and quicker. Harness the power of the internet without any doubt, social media and online sales have altered forever the way the world of fine art does its business. Since 2017, Generation Y (those born between 1984 &1996) buyers who bought fine art online made up over 80 percent of all purchases, with practically 50% of all online buyers using Instagram in an art-associated purpose.
So, you are a gifted artist creating great art and like most artists you would like to sell more of your work. Now you can go direct to your buyers with your own ecommerce website. This awesome ability is readily available to all users of social media and the internet, and quiet simply it is a road all ambitious artists should continue down. As for the foreseeable future, most think it won’t be changing for quite a while. Every second of every day, the internet allows you to communicate with your followers, telling them who you are and showing them what you do. Anyone from anywhere in the world can inquire about a piece, and within a few seconds, buy it. You place the info into one of our templates, this builds the site. You then add images of your work and a description for example medium used, title and price. we ask you to confirm your site details before the launch of the website. We develop your SEO from your details to build your browser ranking (to help people find you). We don't stop there, having a website is one thing, but where most websites fall down is driving potential customers to the website. We make considerable efforts to get your site noticed, locally and for your style of work. Your website belongs to you and only you receive the income from any sales commission free. You control the prices and whether you want to take commissions or sell prints.That's not to say you're alone, we will be with you every step of the way should you require assistance.

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