International art exhibitions & events, now in 2021 due to the global COVID-19 Outbreak.

We look forward to continuing with these events in 2021. ?The global Coronavirus pandemic has left the world in a position of limbo. Individual nations are as yet unclear as to when life will get back to some state of normality. Travel restrictions and social distancing within some of the countries will be with us till summer next year.

Later this year we will start to re-explore international venue options, with dates and details early 2021. As anticipated we've had a fantastic response from artists in every corner of the world, wishing to explore new markets to sell their art. With this in mind, we will be launching for all artists from anywhere in the world to sell their art into other markets.

The new website is totally free to add your art and offer it for sale. Any buyer is completely free to buy from the artist.

Lastly, we are offering an interest-free credit scheme for art buyers. This is great news for artists and buyers alike. The scheme can be used directly on our website and the buyer's application takes just a few minutes. To join the scheme you must be a WAF member, see