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Sell more art, with interest free credit.
Offer your art buyers interest free credit Research as indicated that sales increase substantially when people can buy over 12 months interest free.

By opening up this interest free credit scheme to artists for their buyers we expect to see a real growth in the sale of art. Available for all types of art from paintings to sculptures. The cost of the credit is 15% with an £8.00 admin fee. Use our calculator to calculate costs for any peice of work. Click me!
Join the WAF scheme. Receive your membership pack. Sell your work to any buyer using our scheme. Once the work is delivered or picked up, you receive full payment. Your buyer pays the credit company, you keep the money even if the buyer stops paying. Your membership account keeps a complete record of all your sale and transactions and will even let you market to your buyer.

Enter the pieces of work you wish to sell on the scheme and offer them for sale anywhere. Once a piece of work is entered, it is instantly available for the scheme. You can add or remove pieces from the scheme whenever you wish.
WAF members pay £30 to join scheme. For this you get access to the finance for your buyers.
A Members pack with point of sale stickers to use at studios, exhibitions etc. Links to use on your website and social media.
A cost calculator, work out the optimum price for selling your work and the credit fees.

£8,00 Admin per sale.
15% fee per sale finance cost.
Join now and boost your sales.

Our origninal art for just £45.00 per month.

Members Comments

Just a few of the comments made by some of our members.

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